Sunday, June 3, 2007

We have Occupied!

The Women against Poverty Collective has occuped a house on 4 Howard St and a tent city has sprung up in the park across the street. Howard Street is located just South of Bloor St and Sherbourne.

Come on out and join us!

The house is currently surrounded by the police and the police are surrounded by us. Anything could happen at any moment.

There are tents up around the house, tents up across the street and many people inbetween. Still, support and solidarity is needed. It may be a long night.

Hope to see you here!
(4 Howard St, just South of Bloor and Sherbourne)

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jo grey said...

I have been told that around 7:30, the police arrested the women in the house (as we expected)and used horses and force ripping down tents etc to clear the area. A CTV camera man was knocked down. Apparently they were quite aggressive.

I was told the plan is to regroup tomorrow at noon and start again, do keep posted for details...
Meanwhile people should call/write their councillors and Mayor David Miller and tell them the city should support this action, given Toronto is being ripped off for housing and welfare funding. They should tell the police to stand down and be peaceful-being aggressive with women who are standing up -peacefully, for those who are too beaten poor and tired to fight for themselves is just wrong. The abandoned houses on Howard st and Glenn road (almost the whole block where we were has been empty for decades) should be turned into housing for women immediately, and they should allow us to tent out and continue the action, it's in their interest to support our struggle for the right to housing and livable incomes. We must not back down! We have been quiet too long, we can't quit now, come out tomorrow and help continue the action-it's time for change!
In Solidarity
Jo Grey