Friday, July 20, 2007

Women Speak out Against Violence

On July 19 the Women's Collective Against Poverty and supporters rallied at Toronto Police HQ.

This event was to support a court appearance by four women arrested and charged with trying to create accessible and affordable housing as part of a WAPC event on Sunday June 3. The event was also part of the fight to provide housing by women for women now.

About fifty women, transfolk and their supporters took over the courtyard of the police building with improvisational theatre, amazing poetry and compelling stories from a range of participants. Women spoke on the many types of violence we and our sisters face in Toronto: from lack of housing, from abusive partners, from poverty and from police. Thank you to Tommee, Anna, Jen, Mike, Truth Is, Helen and all our amazing speakers and performers for sharing with us.

Today's brief court appearance was to get disclosure and set a future court date. The four charged will be back in provincial court again August 10.

Local photojournalist John Bonnar was on hand with camera, check out his photos and videos of this and other WAPC events. Graeme has also posted photos.

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