Tuesday, September 11, 2007

WAPC Stencil Making Workshop!

Get Your Message Out!

Stencil Making Workshop
Saturday September 15
1:00 - 4:00 pm
17 Phoebe Street
(north of Queen St. E, East of Spadina)
Wheelchair Accessible space
Child Friendly space

The Women Against Poverty Collective is planning the next steps in our campaign to create housing for women and trans people, that is accessible and controlled by those who live in it. We continue to demand that all levels of government make access to affordable and safe housing a priority, particularly for survivors of violence. As we approach the October 10th provincial election, we invite women and trans people to "Get Your Message Out!" by joining us at workshop that will be a space for participants to create stencils and plans for use during the weeks leading up to the provincial election and beyond. We are
looking at ways to create public messages that will keep the need for housing for women and trans people visible.

All women and transfolk welcome
For more info: womenagainstpoverty@gmail.com

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