Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Audio Story with WAPC Member

Audio Story:

Interview with WAPC member in the lead-up to the Takeover

On Sunday, June 3rd, the Women Against Poverty Collective is staging a housing takeover in Toronto with the ultimate goal of winning 'right to housing legislation' in Canada.

They say that while governments have done virtually nothing to help poor and working class women access safe, affordable housing, women have continued to survive cycles of homelessness reinforced by abusive men who use violence to control them.

Their lobbying and pleas haven’t won them the things they need so they are demanding immediate action to create affordable and safe housing for women who are living on the street, trying to leave violent homes, and making new lives for themselves and their children.

Today, via telephone, I spoke with Jen, a member of the Women Against Poverty Collective…

Listen to or download the audio story.

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